Floralia is a narrative puzzle-platformer, set in 19th century Scandinavia.
It is an absurd love story filled with horror, mystery and parallel worlds.


Strange things occur in the mysterious town of Sandwike.
You take the role as Antoon, an inquisitive explorer of science who ventures into the town, in search of a magical flower.
In his search, Antoon falls in love with Senta, the Innkeeper's beautiful daughter and the very key to unlock the secret of Sandwike.


The main mechanic of Floralia is the power to push objects in and out of a parallel world as shown in the animation below.
Besides being inspired by various platform games, we also take inspiration from 70s and 80s cinema and music.
One of our goals is to surprise the audience, by twisting the plot, creating bizarre scenarios or scenes of shock and horror.


  • Solve puzzles of parallel worlds.
  • Explore strange eerie landscapes.
  • Meet deranged townspeople and discover their secrets.
  • Witness the horrors surrounding the town.
  • Experience the most absurd love story of the 19th century.


The team consists of Holger Borum (Programmer) and Malte Burup (Artist) and the game is developed in Copenhagen, Denmark. The development of Floralia began in the beginning of 2014. As we are both occupied by our studies, Floralia is developed in our spare time. We are aiming for a release sometime in 2016.

Stay tuned as we will be posting in-depth development updates.